Workstation for Laser Machining and Additive Manufacturing

Laser Workstation

In 2010, as an undergraduate researcher at Koç University’s Manufacturing & Automation Research Center, I worked on design, development, fabrication, and programming tasks for a custom laser workstation.

MARC’s experimental laser manufacturing workstation is a versatile machine with marking, cutting, engraving and powder sintering capabilities. The workstation utilizes a 10.6 μm CO2 laser coupled to a 3-axis CNC positioning system, as well as a galvo-driven 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser.

The machine is controlled via a custom UI and back-end developed in MATLAB, and an Arduino. The software, which I partly developed, also supports toolpath and G-code generation from STL models. The Arduino and peripheral electronics, which I partly designed and realized, receive user input from the software and control the machine’s industrial CO2 laser, AC servos, galvanometric scanner and powder sintering bed mechanism. The chassis is designed, mechanically analyzed, fabricated and hand-assembled by a team of three.