Readout Automation and GUI for an Experimental μ-cantilever-based MEMS Biosensor

MEMS Biosensor Readout Automation UI

In 2011, as an undergraduate researcher in mechanical engineering, I worked on a MEMS biosensor project at Koç University’s Optical Microsystems Laboratory.

OML’s multi-analyte MEMS biosensor uses an array of coated μ-cantilevers that shift their resonant frequencies upon analyte mass accretion, allowing the detection of analyte concentrations. The cantilevers are magnetically actuated and their resonant frequencies are observed via interferometric optical readout. The remote and wireless chip is intended for use within a portable device.

I designed and implemented a custom GUI and mechanism for setting up characterization experiments by directly manipulating the position of the chip relative to the laser beam. The system then traverses the μ-cantilever array and collects data without supervision.